erika_stole_largeSitting in a “welcome-to-PhD-studies” workshop six years ago, the seasoned scholar offering advice to the crowd of incoming students warned, with a kind of crazed look in her eyes, “Whatever you do, don’t try to have a child while you’re in this program.” She went on the recount the horrors of mixing scholarship and family, and the intensity she spoke with convinced me that she was telling the truth. Still, my hands went protectively to my belly, where I was just beginning to feel fluttery kicks… She was right, of course, and I was five months pregnant.

Since then, all of her warnings have proven true (no time, no sleep, no energy, no concentration) – and yet I wouldn’t trade this mess for the world. My babies have grown alongside my studies and my work as a pastor (www.fbcmac.org) and their curiosity gives me unending freedom to ask questions, to be creative, to wonder and to imagine and to believe. Here, I’ll try to write a bit about all of that. Thanks for visiting.



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